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Matt Blake, the Democratic candidate for Iowa Senate District 22

Iowa values of common-sense government, support for young families, and growing the middle class will be central to my campaign. I support getting Iowa state government back to basics, instead of the issues and personal agendas now dividing our state. Iowa legislators should focus on good public schools, good roads, and growing our economy.

Common Sense Government

Iowa needs leaders who will return civility and common sense to the Iowa Capitol.

School Kids

Public Education

The foundation of our democracy is a good education for all. Our children’s future depends on leaders who stand up for public education.

Reproductive Healthcare

The rights of Iowa women are under attack. We need new voices to fight against radical policies. 

Reproductive Rights Matter.jpg
Water Flowing Out Pipe

Clean Water

It is time to clean up our waterways and solve Iowa’s dirty water crisis. Our health depends on it.


Iowa Statehouse Republicans are changing election laws in an attempt to prevent you from voting against them. Click below to confirm that you are properly registered to vote in the November 2024 election. 

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